Meaningful merge digital and physical

The blend of the digital and physical worlds is changing our society fundamentally. With the rise of a truly digital society, fundamental questions and uncertainties about our future in the physical (or: real) world are raised.

As track owner (- project manager – since spring 2018) of  project ‘Digital to Physical‘ I lead a team of 3 fte and safeguard the education of 70 trainees. We connect business, applied research and education. As host and trainer I facilitate design sessions and teach workshops on ideating and team collaboration.

Together with societal partners like ministry of justice, ING and Rooftop revolution, we explore interaction with smart objects and spaces, collecting your own data and hide in plain sight from facial recognition camera’s. Also we focus on issues around trust and privacy in the context of a hyperconnected world. Our research and prototypes aim to have impact on business and society.

In various projects and events we educate digital transformation designers. We bring multidisciplinary and multicultural learners together to work towards a proof-of-concept. The topics we work on are challenges our consortium partners currently face to reach the Sustainable development goals.

We are the Digital Society School – where change takes shape. Read our manifesto here.

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