Podcast (social) distance

Suddenly, due to the Corona virus protocols, we were forced to stay at home. It turned my life and that of my family up side down. Weeks i spend in my neighbourhood where i used to commute two hours a working day. Although i was close to my neighbours, closer in space than before, i wasn’t able to visit them and we only talked to one another on the streets. How did this ‘social distancing’ affected their lives? I wondered, and decided to make a podcast.

‘stay at home’ sign at square in Leiden

Interview my neighbours on the effects of social distancing on their lives and relationships, keeping distance.


A sound recorder and written down questions travelled from neighbour to neighbour. Inhabitants of Groenoord Zuid ( a neighbourhood in Leiden – The Netherlands) shared their stories with the mic.

Put your headphones on and listen to part one. Deel 1. Hoe is het voor jou om afstand te houden, de 1,5 meter? Verrassende verhalen over dansjes in de supermarkt, knuffelen met stiefkinderen en verontwaardiging op straat.


How to execute the interviews in Corona time

step one. write down questions and an instruction on how to execute the interview by yourself from your own home.

step two. prepare a sound recorder and put it on a box, ready to move from house to house.

step three. invite friends to execute the interview. bring the box to their homes and place it in front of their door. ring the bell.

step four. walk home and wait for their call when they are ready.

step five. collect the recorder, clean it and edit the sound files into a podcast.