Dance and childbirth

Did you know your body produces hormones when dancing and listening to music which reduce pain and increase a sense of happiness? These qualities are most welcome when giving birth.

In private sessions and group lessons I coach pregnant women to use movement and music during pregnancy and in child birth. A variety of movements and information from Dancing for Birth™ and Doula insights are shared in these sessions. In 2013 I founded Mamadans and teach pregnancy dance and coach parents ever since.

Train birth pro’s

In 2016 and 2017 I trained midwives in Leiden and The Hague. They learned easy to use dance moves, appropriate music for delivery and physical support client when dancing.

“Assia knows about dance in childbirth, she can share information in a clear way and is a good dancer. It was great that she shared first hand experience. (…) This course was very valuable for my work to motivate and support women to move during birth.” – Midwife Annemarie van Wijck

Coach pregnant women & their birth partners

In 2017 I started with private coaching for pregnant women and their birth partners. They learn about their role in birth and the benefits of movement in birth. ‘What can I do myself?’ is a frequently asked question and my answer is a variety of birth positions in motion, accompanied by their favourite music to calm them down and brighten up.

Oxytocin research

My interest goes out to the hormone oxytocine and how movement and music contributes to the levels of this useful hormone in pregnancy and birth. Currently I am looking for colaboration opportunities to research this complex system.

Dance and childbirth in your organisation

If you work as a midwife, gynaecologist, nurse, doula or other birth professional in a hospital, midwife practice, thuiszorg organisation, health centre, collective or other organisation this might be very helpful to service your clients:

Course Mama & Dance in 16 weeks (24 hours total). The four modules of this course stand alone and form a rich preparation for childbirth and/ or early parenting. It serves a pubic of pregnant women – all months-, women with baby up to one year old and mixed groups.

Workshop Dance & Birth pro’s in three weeks (9 hours total). These three workshops stand alone but are recommended in a serie. It prepares birth professionals for suggesting and supporting pregnant women to do birth positions in motion, in the delivery room. For faster and less painful births.