Collaboration Dutch government and higher education

The rise of technology and the decrease of workforce have big impact. It changes how we live together and the challenges we face on a national level, but also on the work of IT specialists and policy makers of the Dutch Government.

As Higher education manager (2020 – 2023) at the program I-Partnerschap, I connect people and knowledge. Together with my colleagues we develop sustainable collaborations between Dutchgovernment and higher education on ICT and societal trends. In our projects and collaborations we connect government and policy with applied and academic research and education.

Our approach is to connect parties within government and universities on shared topics. I work in the west of The Netherlands (with 12 universities) and start or support existing projects. In order to ignite new projects we communicate examples of successful collaborations. For a digitally skilled and strong government.

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In various projects and events we explore the impact of ICT on societal changes and policy. Also with the cases we bring to universities, we enhance the quality of higher education.

We are I-Partnerschap, a program of the ministry of internal affairs.

Read about our insights on the website. For example this article about the collaboration of human resource organization and 60 students (in Dutch).