Smart insurance dialogues

What happens if you put a media theorist between product managers and ICT specialists? You create a bridge of clear communication between these business and technology who adds creative insights to the mix! Together they design user friendly insurance dialogues and smart product data handling.

As Information- and Business proces Analist and Functional Designer I worked for Quinity b.v. (now Keylane) and helped insurance companies such as ARAG, London, Dela and ANWB to implement online dialogues and handling of product data in backoffice.

Other roles I fulfilled were System Tester, Team Leader & Trainer. This is a sample of products I delivered:

1. Redesign online dialogues and business logic insurances

Challenge: redesign existing dialogues and business logic into smarter, more flexible (when changes in business logic) and more user friendly versions with Quinity Insurance Solution QIS.

Solution: a functional design of the complete set of web dialogues to sell all sorts of insurance products, make changes and terminate insurance files with Quinity Insurance Solution QIS. My functional design was part of larger business logic design.


2. System test protocol and daily management team of testers

Challenge: find and fix bugs in QIS for all clients of Quinity b.v.


Solution: together with my colleague we set up a permanent team of 10 -15 junior testers, designed test protocols, managed system tests, usability tests and bug fixing.

It was pioneering work in this company, so we had to educate ourselves, train testers, do people management and coaching of junior colleagues.