Labyrinth, a wish

Suddenly, due to the Corona virus protocols, we were forced to stay close to the house. Several afternoons, after intense working from home behind the computer to fulfill my management job, I spend time with my kids and drew this labyrinth on their schoolyard. It was an idea I had for several years already but I never took the time. Now there was time. And it is a wish too; that soon we will be able to enjoy this ‘path of life’ no longer alone but together with family, friends and strangers. That we can hug each other after completing the labyrinth walk.


“Enrich a dark corner of the schoolyard for children and neighbours with a labyrinth to walk and find a moment of peace and reflection. Also make it long-lasting.” This challenge was agreed upon together with elementary school Mareland.

hand painted labyrinth

a hand-painted labyrinth with the size that fits the walk of children feet. It was finished in april 2020 and is a permanent year-round accessible place to the children of the school and inhabitants of Groenoord (Leiden – The Netherlands).

school yard with labyrinth
How to make the labyrinth
chalk draft version labyrinth
broom to erase ‘support lines’ of chalk
blow-up of the original paper-cut design labyrinth
speaker to provide with music to support hours of hand-painting (two layers of paint)
exterior wall paint. white mixed with blue and green. brush thumb wide size