Tech in health and care

The rise of technology and the growth in demand for healthcare has big impact. Impact on the care for people with cancer and their loved ones, but also on the work of nurses, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

As living lab developer (- project manager – since winter 2020) of Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out, I work in a team of researchers, teachers and health professionals. With our projects we contribute to better healthcare for people with cancer and also to the education of healthcare and tech students. In the living lab we connect patients, business, healthcare, applied research and education.

Together with our partners like hospital HMC Antoniushove, Inn4Cure, Mammarosa, University of applied science Rotterdam and The Hague, we explore the implementation of life style programs to prevent complications after treatments like surgery. Also we focus on issues around self-monitoring with technology, data supported diagnoses and collaboration between health professionals and people with cancer.

In various projects and events we explore enhancements together while educating future proof health tech professionals.

We are Medical Delta Living Lab Better In Better Out.

Read about our insights on the website. For example this article about hospitality view on returning home after surgery (in Dutch).