About Assia Kraan

I am a solutions designer with background in media theory, functional design and healthcare who helps professionals to create citizen empowering products with positive impact on our living environment and bodies.  

I care for society and I like to make things. My creative ideas and theories are made for prototyping. I like to play – in the physical world with real people.

I am founder of Mama Dans, a Dutch birth care company that provides lessons and coaching about the benefits of movement (dance) in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood regarding experience of pain & flexibility of the body. Popular products are Mamadans classes and Movement & Birth private coaching. A comfortable dress that lights magically up when giving birth and inspires women to move while sending necessary data to birth professionals, is a dream I would like to bring to life.

I wrote the article To act in Public through Geo-Annotation. Social Encounters through Locative Media Art . A description of locative media art which makes artistic use of location-aware and time-aware media to promote social encounters between users and locations. I challenge the idea that the shared location can only be the pretext and aim for location to be also the stage for social activity.

I design solutions for complex challenges from a multidisciplinary approach. As a member of project teams with professionals from various backgrounds and cultures I have worked on social art, insurance forms and teachings for healthcare.

Would you like to pose a challenge, discuss possibly partnership and/ or exchange inspiration and ideas? I would like that! Contact me via email – see the envelope below – and i’ll call you back.