About Assia Kraan

I am a solutions designer with background in media theory, functional design, education and healthcare who helps learners and professionals to create empowering products with positive impact on our living environment and bodies.  

I care for society and I like to collaborate with a diverse set of people and institutions. And also to make things (happen). My creative ideas and theories are made for prototyping.

In various roles, such as living lab developer on healthcare , higher eduction manager for the Dutch government & track owner of a learning community ‘Digital to Physical’ I brought people together and made our community productive. When working in a vibrant, optimistic, skilled and caring team of colleagues I flourish as program manager, facilitator and trainer.

To design solutions for complex societal challenges from a multidisciplinary approach is my passion. As a member of project teams with professionals from various backgrounds and cultures I have worked on social art, insurance forms, teachings for healthcare and digital prototypes.

Would you like to pose a challenge, discuss partnership and/ or exchange inspiration and ideas? I would like that! Contact me via email – see the envelope below – and i will call you back.