About Assia Kraan

I am a solutions designer with background in media theory, functional design, education and healthcare who helps learners and professionals to create empowering products with positive impact on our living environment and bodies.  

I care for society and I like to make things. My creative ideas and theories are made for prototyping. I like to explore and play – in the physical world with real people.

Currently I am track owner of a life long learning community ‘Digital to Physical’ at the Digital Society School (DSS) in Amsterdam. At the DSS we believe that we can contribute to the sustainable development goals and make our digital society inclusive, intelligent and engaging. Together with our industry partners, municipality of Amsterdam and University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam (HvA), we do applied research and design solutions to solve current and future challenges. We educate Digital Transformation Designers; working in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams building their 21st century skillset. I am proud to be part of this vibrant, optimistic, skilled, caring team of colleagues in the role of program manager, facilitator and trainer.

Also i am founder of Mama Dans, a Dutch birth care company that provides lessons and coaching about the benefits of movement (dance) in pregnancy, birth and early parenthood regarding experience of pain & flexibility of the body. Popular products are Mamadans classes and Movement & Birth private coaching. A comfortable dress that lights magically up when giving birth and inspires women to move while sending necessary data to birth professionals, is a dream I would like to bring to life.

I wrote the article To act in Public through Geo-Annotation. Social Encounters through Locative Media Art . A description of locative media art which makes artistic use of location-aware and time-aware media to promote social encounters between users and locations. I challenge the idea that the shared location can only be the pretext and aim for location to be also the stage for social activity.

I design solutions for complex challenges from a multidisciplinary approach. As a member of project teams with professionals from various backgrounds and cultures I have worked on social art, insurance forms, teachings for healthcare and digital prototypes.

Would you like to pose a challenge, discuss partnership and/ or exchange inspiration and ideas? I would like that! Contact me via email – see the envelope below – and i’ll call you back.