Locative media art

The magical transition from location to place has caught my interest ever since I did my master thesis research in the field of digital art and use of locative media in public city space. (Resulting in thesis Citysense in 2006)

‘Plek’ (place) = objective geographical location & layer of personal subjective meaning

Shared place in social encounters

I wrote the article To Act in Public through Geo-Annotation – Social Encounters through Locative Media Art published in Cahier Open 11 Hybrid Space by SKOR november 2006.

“Locative media art makes artistic use of location-aware and time-aware media to promote social encounters between users and locations. The social contact is usually experienced via a PC. Assia Kraan wonders whether the shared location is only the pretext or also the location for social activity.” – Cahier Open 11

Social art in public space

In 2011 I founded Punge – conceptual locative art factory aiming meaningful experience of place.

Punge artistically researches places and social dynamics, producing concepts for public.

When the spectator grasps the concept, the idea unfolds in his head and unlocks creative personal meaning-making. The art object makes the concept tangible.

Podcast Afstand (social distance), initiated by Punge on effects of social distancing on life and relationships of my neighbours.

Labyrinth was created from a wish to meet together again in public space when Corona virus would not threaten us anymore.

Plekkenarchief and Winckel was created by request of local government of Amsterdam and showcased at ‘Tussenland’. Collaboration with Anke Jongejan.

Muziekfiets‘ was featured at Music festival In Vervoering in Utrecht. Collaboration with Niels Janssen

Cuando te sientes…‘ was featured at music festival FVCM in Panama city.

Kijkkast‘ produced by request of local government of Leiden and SPL Children Daycare Leiden. Collaboration with Marjolijn de Graaf and Céline Wiertz.

Location in Internet of Everything

The Internet of Everything is an intelligent connection of people, things, data and process. This intelligent network does complex decision making. In smart homes important processes like heating are dealt with by the network.

I am interested in the location of people and things in this connection and the role location plays.

Is the act and experience of meaning making on locations (the production of place versus location) enriched by being connected with the internet of everything?